Unusual Attitudes

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Wow, that’s very unusual.

Yes, what you are about to embark upon will be quite unusual.  Your CFI is about to make you close your eyes while wearing a view-limiting device, and put the airplane into either a steep nose up or steep nose down attitude, and ask you to open your eyes and rapidly recover.  While this may seem a little crazy, it is actually quite a bit of fun, and incredibly important to master this skill to have a better chance of recovering from such a situation should you accidentally put yourself into such a scenario when you are out flying.

Unusual Attitude Recovery Procedure:

Nose High:

  • Level the wings using coordinated aileron and rudder
  • Add full power
  • Lower the nose to just slightly above the horizon to ensure the aircraft will accelerate (airspeed) and climb away from the ground
  • Re-trim as necessary

Nose Low: