START HERE Sun N Fun 2018

To Get Started with the Course… Simply click on each “TOPIC” below, and mark it complete when you have finished that part of the course! It looks like this:  Once you click MARK COMPLETE, it will automatically bring you to the next “TOPIC” End of Course Quiz… Once you have marked all the topics “complete”,… Continue reading START HERE Sun N Fun 2018

Hobby Airport Accident

To get started: Click on the first TOPIC below and proceed through each topic, reading, watching the videos, and answering the quiz questions. Proceed through the following TOPICs and click on the quizzes spaced throughout the course.  Follow along with the accident progression and answer the questions to see how your thought process aligns with… Continue reading Hobby Airport Accident


Aeromedical Factors Pilots are all human (at least at the time of this writing we were all still human and not computers), thus there are a lot of external factors that play into our ability to be safe and effective pilots.  From physiological to psychological health, needing to pee really bad to not getting enough… Continue reading Aeromedical


Aeronautical Decision Making / Crew Resource Management / Single Pilot Resource Management These three topics are the pillars of what has drastically decreased all aviation accidents in the airlines and in general aviation over the past few decades.  It is important to be able to discuss each idea with the examiner and how you will… Continue reading ADM / CRM / SRM

Cross Countries and Charts

Let’s Fly Across the Country! This lesson will refresh you and also teach you some new things you may not have known about VFR charts! There are two documents that are incredibly important to be able to decipher all of the diagrams and symbology on these charts that have so much information packed into them.  Click… Continue reading Cross Countries and Charts


OMG It’s an Emergency!……………….There’s no beer left in the refrigerator  🙁 Okay, so if every aviation emergency went like that then this would be a much easier course to teach…all you would have to learn here is just never run out of beer. Unfortunately, the things that go wrong in airplanes are a little more… Continue reading Emergencies

Weather Commercial Pilot Prep

The Weather Outside is Frightening! There’s lots to know about weather theory and weather charts as a commercial pilot.  We’ll simplify it and condense it as much as possible for you over the next few TOPICS.  At the end of this LESSON there will be a short quiz so you can effectively gauge exactly where… Continue reading Weather Commercial Pilot Prep

What You Can Do and What You Need

Commercial Pilot Privileges: In this lesson we’ll cover exactly what you can and cannot do as a commercial pilot, and what you need to be able to exercise the privileges of your commercial pilot certificate. What we’ll cover: Privileges and Limitations Holding Out to the Public Maintenance Responsibilities as a Commercial Pilot Keeping up with… Continue reading What You Can Do and What You Need