OMG It’s an Emergency!……………….There’s no beer left in the refrigerator¬† ūüôĀ

Okay, so if every aviation emergency went like that then this would be a much easier course to teach…all you would have to learn here is just never run out of beer.

Unfortunately, the things that go wrong in airplanes are a little more complex than that.¬† In the next two TOPICS we’ll describe two pretty bad days of flying.¬† Your job is to think of ways to deal with the problems and malfunctions described.¬† Try to think outside the box as much as possible when theorizing solutions to the problems presented.¬† The examiner during your commercial oral and checkride is testing you to see if you are a PILOT, not a robot who has memorized the FAR/AIM verbatim.¬† PILOTS think, computers do pre-programmed tasks and cannot adapt (that is why PILOTS still fly airplanes and computers work to support us, but cannot replace us).

The more out of the box solution you find the better!  Leave your solutions you think up in the Emergency Scenario Forum Here