2019 Commercial Pilot ASEL Checkride Prep Boot Camp

This Checkride Prep Course Will:

Prepare you for the Oral Exam
Show you complete Commercial Pilot Oral Exams so you can see exactly what questions are asked and what to expect
Give you a condensed “cheat sheet” to study from to keep it all as simple as possible
Demonstrate the Maneuvers you will have to fly for your Commercial Pilot Checkride
Prepare you for exactly what to expect on the day of your Checkride

Weather Refresher IFR / VFR

[mepr-active membership=”1798,1797,54381,1799,27541″ ifallowed=”hide”] This is a paid course, members with Flight Engineer Subscription or higher have access to this course.[button size=”long” url=”https://www.fly8ma.com/plans/subscription-options/” open_new_tab=”true” text=”Upgrade Your Membership!” icon=”” type=”success” bottom_margin=”20″] [/mepr-active] Hey There!          Earn 500 points for completing this course! Need a Refresher On How The Weather Works? In this course we’ll… Continue reading Weather Refresher IFR / VFR

IPC Prep: Rusty IFR Pilot Course

Brush up on your IFR knowledge and get ready for your next IPC. Be able to impress your instructor with everything you know about flying in the clouds! Whether it’s been 6 months or 16 years since you last flew IFR, this is the perfect course to bring you back up to speed and get you ready to renew your instrument ticket!

Spin Awareness

Learn the basics of Spins and more importantly how to avoid them! You’ll learn a lot more about angle of attack and stalls, then see a full preflight brief with student and instructor before watching what they actually look like in the airplane and learning the proper general recovery techniques.

Reading Weather Basics

In this course we’ll cover the basics of reading weather forecasts and observations:

FAs (area forecasts)
You’ll learn the basics of how to read the coded text of weather forecasts, and the important information about each individual weather product you need to know for your written exam and checkride!