Weather Refresher IFR / VFR

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Need a Refresher On How The Weather Works?

In this course we’ll cover

  • Weather Fronts
  • Basic Cloud Types
  • Thunderstorms / Convective Activity
  • Mountain Weather
  • Fog
  • Icing
  • Surface / Prog Charts
  • RADAR Summary Charts
  • Graphic Forecast Area Charts
  • Weather Briefings

If you want to refresh on things like TAFs and METARs and textual weather, check out our Reading Weather Course Here

You’ll take two quizzes during this course after LESSON 1 (labeled lesson 13) and LESSON 2 (labeled lesson 16).  It is a short course, but still plan to spend about 2-3 hours reviewing all of the material and bringing yourself back up to speed, whether you are preparing for a Checkride or a Flight Review!

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