Short Field Landing

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Short Field Landing

The idea here it to clear an imaginary (or real) 50′ obstacle and then land on a very “short” runway.  You will in reality be practicing this on a runway probably 4,000’+ long and not have any real obstacle to contend with.  Your job will be to simulate the runway is only say 1,500′ long (or whatever the minimum is for landing your aircraft according to the POH).

Your instructor will show you how to properly complete this, but as a general rule for many small GA airplanes you will:

  • Approach with full flaps
  • “Power On”
  • At a lower than normal approach speed and slightly higher angle of descent
  • Arrive over the runway at a speed that will produce minimal “float”
  • Use the reduction in power just a foot or so over the runway as a way to ensure you touchdown as close to your intended point of landing as possible
  • Upon touchdown, ensure power is at idle, retract flaps, and apply “simulated” maximum braking (don’t skid the tires!!!)

Check out the video above for an example

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