All Other Aircraft

For the other Airplanes… While the majority of aircraft arriving into Sun N Fun will use the LAKE PARKER ARRIVAL PROCEDURE, some fall into different categories.  Below are the other categories: Choppertown You guessed it, Choppertown is for helicopters.  For more information on this part of the NOTAM, click here. Paradise City Flying to Sun… Continue reading All Other Aircraft

Landing at Sun N Fun

[one-half-first][/one-half-first] [one-half][/one-half] [embedyt][/embedyt] From the Downwind Expect to start your descent on downwind (it’ll be kind of a tight downwind) Expect ATC to put you on a tight base leg ATC will call your downwind and your base, again DO NOT TRANSMIT TO THEM, THEY CALL YOU Only transmit if they ask you to,… Continue reading Landing at Sun N Fun

Arrival Time Windows

Planning Your Arrival Plan your arrival time accordingly so you do not have to land at a satellite airport waiting for KLAL to re-open.  The Airport is closed daily during airshows and at night according to the schedule below. Note: if you plan to land at Plant City airport (PCM) before proceeding to Sun N… Continue reading Arrival Time Windows