Landing at Sun N Fun

[one-half-first]landing orange dot sun n fun 2018[/one-half-first]
[one-half]sun n fun land green dot[/one-half]


From the Downwind

  1. Expect to start your descent on downwind (it’ll be kind of a tight downwind)
  2. Expect ATC to put you on a tight base leg
  3. ATC will call your downwind and your base, again DO NOT TRANSMIT TO THEM, THEY CALL YOU
  4. Only transmit if they ask you to, or you have an emergency requiring assistance
  5. Land where ATC tells you, on or after one of the colored dots
  6. DO NOT STOP ON THE RUNWAY, keep it moving and follow ATC instructions, they will be giving you PLENTY of instruction quickly, so listen up, and don’t talk on the radio unless they ask you a direct question (unlikely) or you have an emergency (hopefully¬†very unlikely).

After Landing

  1. Make sure you have your PARKING SIGN in the window (see below)
  2. At this point you can switch your radio to 126.075 and monitor (don’t transmit), you will just be following the flagmen
  3. After crossing 27L/9R (the big runway for the show), you will get a motorcycle to follow
  4. The motorcycle will signal to you when to stop and when to go as you navigate the maze back to your parking spot.
  5. Taxi slow, and watch out for people, you will literally be taxiing through the middle of the show


Parking / Departure Signs

You must DISPLAY A SIGN IN THE LEFT SIDE OF THEIR WINDSHIELD to designate the intended parking/camping area or type departure. The sign should have LARGE dark letters that can be read from at least 50 feet. Computer or tablet signs are not acceptable.¬† Just print it out on normal paper with huge font (the sign just needs the abbreviation, not the “meaning” column)



GAP General Aviation Parking Area
GAC General Aviation Camping Area
HB Homebuilt Parking Area
HBC Homebuilt Camping Area
HC Handicapped Parking
SP Seaplane Parking Area
VAC Vintage Aircraft Camping/Parking
ONC One Night Camping (NO FACILITIES)
CBP U.S. Customs and Border Protection
FBO Fixed Base Operator
E1 E1 Ramp Tenants
E2 E2 Ramp Tenants
EXHIBIT Exhibitor
WB Warbirds
P Paradise City
VFR VFR Departure
IFR IFR Departure