Commercial Stalls

Remember at the Commercial Level, you should recover from a stall at the buffet, not let the airplane actually “break” into the stall.  Whether you are performing a power on, power off, accelerated stall, trim stall, or any type of stall ever, the idea is always the same.  Do WHATEVER it takes to force the… Continue reading Commercial Stalls

Sport Pilot Differences Pr Copy

So you wanna fly sporty planes like Harambe? If you’re planning on earning your Sport Pilot Certificate instead of your Private Pilot Certificate, then you’ll want to review the subtle differences between a private pilot and sport pilot below.  Be sure to complete the quiz below at the end of this topic as well! General… Continue reading Sport Pilot Differences Pr Copy

Oral Prep Pr Copy

Checkride Oral Prep For one-on-one practice Oral Exams live with one of our CFIs (facetime or skype) Sign up for the First Officer subscription on our site. You’ll get a 2-hour custom oral prep session centered around the airport and airplane you will be using for your practical test to best prepare you to ace… Continue reading Oral Prep Pr Copy

Oral Questions Quiz Pr Copy

Practice Oral Exam Take this chance to print out the PDF file below and complete as many of the questions as possible.  Scan and email your completed questions to [email protected].  Your instructor will review this with you during your one-on-one checkride prep with your FLY8MA instructor! Private Pilot Oral Questions

Navigation Logs Pr Copy

Start To Finish, Completing your Paper Nav Log Check out the video above of an example Nav Log being filled out start to finish for a 50nm Cross Country! Ask a Question to the Community Ask a Question and get a fast response from our CFIs

FLYWAY Charts Pr Copy

VFR FLYWAY Charts So what exactly is a FLYWAY chart?  Well, it’s a chart that depicts VFR FLYWAYs of course. A VFR FLYWAY is a route underlying busy CLASS B airspace showing where ATC and the FAA would prefer you to transition underneath the busy overlying airspace. It also has the same jet arrival and… Continue reading FLYWAY Charts Pr Copy