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IFR Flight Planning SC

Flight Planning Department  Well, not really….  In reality, the flight planning department for your IFR flight probably consists of you, yourself, and just you.  Not a problem though.  There are tons of tools out there available to you to plan your flight, and you should have already been able to see how to get a… Continue reading IFR Flight Planning SC

IFR Weather: How it Works SC

Should be a Nice and Bright Night to go FLY! In this LESSON we’ll cover weather theory and how the air and moisture moves around the globe with the uneven heating of the Earth’s surface that causes all weather that we experience. Almost to our next stop of KSKX!  Be careful though, the airport elevation… Continue reading IFR Weather: How it Works SC


Departure Procedures (DPs) In this TOPIC, we’ll cover Instrument Departure Procedures, and how not to be that guy in the picture above! The Procedures we will talk about are: Standard Instrument Departures (SIDs) Obstacle Deparure Procedures (ODPs) Diverse Vector Areas (DVAs) Visual Climb Over Airport (VCOA) As you can see, we love acronyms in instrument… Continue reading SIDs and STARs SC

Approach Charts SC

Things to know about approach charts… We’ll cover everything you need to know in the following TOPICs, but there are just a few quick points I want to drive home first!  For starters, take a look at the plate above and get a little acquainted with it.  Try just reading it left to right and… Continue reading Approach Charts SC

IFR Enroute Charts SC

How to Find Your Way In-Between… In this LESSON we’ll cover how to read and understand the charts that take you from airport to airport (the equivalent of your sectional chart, but with slightly less visual information, since, in theory, you won’t be able to see the ground when using these charts).  We’ll also cover… Continue reading IFR Enroute Charts SC