Touch and Go Pr Copy

The Art of the Touch and Go

First of all, what are these touch and go’s everyone talks about?  Basically, the idea is to land the airplane on the runway (touching down) reconfigure for takeoff while still rolling down the runway, then add full power and takeoff again without stopping (the GO part).  Why do this?  Well, when training you’ll want to practice lots and lots of landings, coming to a complete stop each time and taxiing back to the beginning of the runway would simply take a lot of time, and time is money.  So for the reason of saving money and time, you’ll get familiar with performing touch and go’s.

The video above shows an example of how you would accomplish the procedure in an average Piper Cherokee. Each airplane will have a slightly different procedure, so make sure you go over the specific procedure for your airplane with your CFI.

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