Tips for the J-3 Cub

J3 Cub on straight floats

  • Pinch the throttle with your pointer finger and thumb, use fingertip pressure for small power changes, rather than pushing or pulling the throttle.
  • Brace your elbow, or better yet, your forearm, so you can make small pressure and fingertip corrections on the stick while flying.
  • Get your wings level no later than 100′ above the surface.
  • Do not be lazy maintaining direction on the lake, pick a reference point on the shoreline and stick with it.
  • When flying near power lines, look for the poles and flying above them to ensure you clear the power lines.
  • Floats have a “speed limit”, if exceeded the drag produced from the high speed against the water will result in a water loop or flipping over.  Do not land downwind, and use extreme caution landing against the current.  Also, do not touch down with too much energy.
  • Wing buffeting and mushy controls let you know you are approaching a stall
  • In regards to power, rudders, and stick, always think about applying pressure to the controls, rather than moving them.  If they move, fine, but applying 2 more pounds of backpressure is easier than trying to “move” the stick 1/8″ back.