Lake Parker Arrival Procedure

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lake parker arrival


From Way out Yonder…

  1. From wherever you are coming from, maneuver to approach LAKE PARKER from the North, Northeast, East or Southeast.
    1. 30 miles out, Landing Lights ON
    2. 20 miles out, Listen to ARRIVAL ATIS 128.575 for landing and special information
    3. MONITOR Lake Parker ARRIVAL on 124.5 (like an approach control frequency, but listen only, you do not transmit)
    4. Nearing Lake Parker, ensure your landing gear is DOWN.
    5. Ensure you are at 1,200′ msl and 100kts   OR   1,700′ msl and 150kts (if your airplane cannot safely fly at 100kts)
  2. Make your aiming point the Power Plant at the Northeast corner of the lake.
  3. From the Power Plant, fly West along the NORTH shoreline of the LAKE
  4. Expect lots of airplanes to be converging at this point over the Power Plant


Crossing over the Power Plant

As you fly westbound along the NORTH shore of the Lake, expect ATC to contact you by saying your color and type of aircraft (don’t be surprised if you have a less than common airplane that they may call it what it looks like, not what it really is.  I.e.  calling a Luscombe a Cessna taildragger).

  1. ATC located at Lake Parker will contact you in the vicinity of Lake Parker’s north shore, using your aircraft “color” and “type” to tell you sequencing (who to follow) and other arrival information (like monitor Lakeland Arrival on 135.22)
  2. ATC loacted at Lake Parker may ask you to “rock your wings” to acknowledge their instructions.  Remember, they don’t want us pilots making any radio calls and jamming up the frequency unless you have some sort of emergency.
  3. Remain “in -trail” all the way to the airport.  NO SIDE BY SIDE FLYING

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