In Flight Weather SC

How Radar Works


Everything that is in your cockpit has a delay to it except for ON BOARD RADAR.  Anything via a data connection will not be current, and is often older than the actual timestamp on it.

In-flight weather resources include:

  • ADS-B
  • XM Weather
  • Approach Control (TRACON)
  • Center Control (ARTCC)
  • Ask the tower controller to look out the window
  • If Tower is busy, call the ground controller on com 2 when you’re still 50nm out and ask him to look out the window and give you an opinion
  • Use FSS to get an updated briefing or ask a specific question (122.2 or as noted on the chart)
  • Relay to other aircraft that may be operating in the area you are going
  • 4G or 3G to your cell phone if you are low enough
  • Onboard weather radar (super expensive, $100k+)
  • Strike finder or old ADF for lightning strikes (old working ADFs can be tuned to a low frequency and the needle will point towards strikes)
  • Think outside the box