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How to Preflight Your Airplane:

In this topic, we’ll cover how to do a proper preflight on a Piper Cherokee.  You’ll find preflighting any airplane is almost the same, with just a few differences between each one depending on the specific systems installed on that particular plane.

Luckily, each airplane has a manual with it you can find inside the airplane called the POH or Pilot’s Operating Handbook.  Inside the POH you’ll find a section of how specifically to inspect your particular airplane and in what order.

An example of the preflight section in a POH is below.

About the Fuel

Your airplane most likely only runs on one specific type of fuel.  You should see what type listed in the POH and/or on a placard (sticker) next to the fuel cap.


Jet A = Clear

100LL = Blue

100 = Green

80 = Red

Careful! Water is clear too!

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