Departing Sun N Fun

Oh No, Time to Go…

When its that time for you to depart Sun N Fun, follow the instructions in the video above and the text below and it will be a piece of cake!

Departing the Show:

  1. Place a sign in your window similar to when you Landed, (this time it should say either VFR or IFR for how you intend to depart)
  2. If the field is actually IFR at the time you want to leave, YOU CANNOT TAXI until you get your IFR clearance (its easiest to depart VFR)
  3. Listen to the Departure ATIS on 118.025
  4. The Flagmen will direct you where to taxi, simply follow the big long line of airplanes
  5. DO NOT Contact Ground to Taxi
  6. If you are departing around 5-6pm local, expect lots of departure and arrival traffic as that is when the airport reopens after the mid day airshow.
  7. You will probably be in a long line of airplanes for departure, don’t worry about getting in line early and letting your engine run, the line moves quick when the runways re-open.
  8. Departing RWY 09L/27R monitor 133.125 | Departing RWY 09R/27L monitor 127.850.