Control and Performance Method

performance and control

Another way to cut the cake…

So another approach besides the Primary and Supporting Method is Performance and Control.  Let me sum this up in the simplest terms possible.

Performance instruments tell you how the airplane is performing, Control Instruments are what you use to control the aircraft and affect the Performance Instruments.

Another way to say it, Control instruments are the ACTION and Performance instruments are the REACTION.

If you see airspeed decreasing, VSI pegged at minus 4,000 FPM, and the Altimeter unwinding, then you are probably not having a very good performance

We could complicate this a whole lot more, but instead, let’s leave it here.  You’ll get more practice later in the course of putting your scanning techniques to use and testing them out.  The best approach here is:

  • Have a rough idea of where you need to start looking (start your scan)
  • Keep your eyes moving
  • When wondering what instrument to look at next, think “what instrument is going to give me the most precise feedback for what I’m trying to make the airplane do right now”