Oral (Optional)

The not so brief Brief… Below is the oral briefing generally done with a tailwheel student prior to their first flight.  While all six videos combine to be over an hour in total, there is valuable information in the videos that will save you time and money when it comes time for you to do… Continue reading Oral (Optional)

Soft Landings

Watch the video the video below before clicking MARK COMPLETE. The Technique: The idea here is the same as in a nosewheel airplane, keep the weight on the wings and off the wheels.  Now if you’re operating on more than just a soft field (for example a soft beach with rocks), you may want to… Continue reading Soft Landings

Wheel / 3-Point Landings

Wheel Landings (video above) A few things to remember about wheel landings: Level or just slight nose up attitude at touchdown (but really mostly level) Better visibility over the nose and more control authority Higher groundspeed at touchdown Arrest the descent with a little bump of power for the last 6″-2 feet of descent (minimize… Continue reading Wheel / 3-Point Landings


Watch the video above before clicking Mark Complete and moving to the next Topic.