Airport Diagrams Pr Copy

No Google Maps at Your Destination Airport Unfortunately, you will not have google maps on your cell phone to guide you around the taxiways and other movement and non-movement areas at your destination airport.  An essential part of your preflight planning needs to include becoming familiar with not only the runway information and layout at… Continue reading Airport Diagrams Pr Copy

Transponders Pr Copy

MODE C Transponders Well first, what is a transponder?  A transponder is a little box mounted in the panel of your airplane where you can set a 4 digit code that ATC assigns to you.  The purpose of this box is to tell ATC where you are and how high you are.  Transponders are also… Continue reading Transponders Pr Copy

IFR Checkride ORAL SC

Check out the above videos and watch them in pieces, don’t try to watch all in at once.  Both IFR oral videos go fairly in-depth, and can similar to what you should expect on your checkride.  The average oral length for an instrument rating is 1.5-2hrs, and largely depends on how sure you are of… Continue reading IFR Checkride ORAL SC


What you do… What happens on an IFR checkride?  Read the script below from what other students were asked to do on their checkrides: Depart the airport under IFR on a flight plan for a fictitious cross country the DPE asked you to plan. (you put on the hood or foggles shortly after takeoff using the three-part exchange… Continue reading IFR Checkride FLIGHT SC

Odd Ball Approaches SC

Well now that’s very odd…. So you want to fly one of these approaches that say RADAR OR DME Required.  Okay, so what if you’re missing one?  Well, that’s where NOTAMs and taking with ATC comes into play.  Before commencing this approach, it is up to you, the PIC, to determine if at least one… Continue reading Odd Ball Approaches SC

Random Facts to Remember SC

IFR Facts to TRY and Remember ILS Localizer freq 108.1-111.95 Localizer reception 18nm out, 1,000ft. Above highest terrain, 4,500ft above antenna site Localizer 3-6 degrees wide, 700ft wide at approach RWY threshold Good for 10 degrees left or right of course out to 18nm, 35 degrees off course 10nm out LDA is not aligned with the… Continue reading Random Facts to Remember SC

Intercepting Courses SC

Follow Your Nose! If only it were that easy.  Good news is this TOPIC is fairly easy and straightforward.  Enjoy! ARTCC: Cessna 8MA I have revised routing advise ready to copy….. Cessna 8MA: uh, standby center, I’ll be landing in 25 minutes, try me back in 25′-30′ please. Turns out that doesn’t fly (literally) with… Continue reading Intercepting Courses SC

Flying Partial Panel SC

The aircraft was on an IFR clearance and climbing through a cloud layer when it broke up in flight following an in-flight upset. The weather conditions included multiple cloud layers from 4,000 to 13,000 feet, with a freezing level around 7,000 feet msl. An AIRMET was in effect for occasional moderate rime to mixed icing-in-clouds… Continue reading Flying Partial Panel SC


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