Starting Your Instrument Rating Right

Lesson Materials

Watch the COMPLETE video above!

How to Navigate this Course

This course is broken up into LESSONs and TOPICs.  The video above explains how to progress through each by clicking on the LESSON, then clicking on the individual TOPICs, marking them complete once the timer expires, then completing the quiz at the end of each LESSON.

After taking a Quiz

To get full advantage from this course, after you take a quiz, go back and review the questions you got wrong.  Many questions you answer incorrectly will direct you back to the appropriate link or section to review the material you may need to read or watch a second time!  Always review information and links we provide before attempting to take an end of LESSON quiz again!

The IFR Adventure

In this course, you won’t be just taking regular Lessons and Quizzes, you’ll be embarking on an IFR adventure as we take you from airport to airport across the country, putting to use the skills you use in each Lesson.  We’re starting off at KVNC, in Venice, FL, and it will be up to you in this course to have access to current IFR charts and approach plates.  If you don’t have an iPad app with current charts, not to worry.  You can access all of the charts and plates you’ll need for free at   Let the fun begin!