Nav Instruments: Siri, Go Direct the Airport

aviation gps portable

Electronic Navigation

Since virtually all of your navigation under IFR will be done with some sort of electronics, it makes sense to review a few things you may already know and add a few more.

Lesson Objective:

Learn more about how radio waves work and how your GPS system works.  We’ll review VOR usage and talk about a few new tools you have as an instrument pilot to take advantage of to help navigate your airplane through the NAS!

Arriving into New Orleans!

ifr groundschool cross country map

You’re almost there sitting at Cafe Du Monde eating Beignets!  On your way from VPS to MSY, you might notice there’s some interesting airspace along the way.  This would be a great time to review some special use airspace, like Warning Areas and even TRSA’s (we’ll cover a special use airspace review in the next LESSON if its a little foggy for ya!).