Lesson 1: Your First Flight Pr

In this lesson we’ll walk you through what you need to know before your first flight lesson.  It’s totally fine to take this lesson and work through this course even if you’re months away from taking your first actual flight in an airplane.  The more knowledge you gain now, the better prepared you’ll be when you climb into the pilot’s seat in the near future!

What you’ll cover in this lesson:

  1. Basic Flight Controls (what they do and what they are called)
  2. Four Forces of Flight
  3. What all the parts of the plane are called (proper terms)
  4. How to “Preflight” an airplane (check it before going flying)
  5. What to Expect on Your First Flight (basics of flying with your instructor)
  6. How to do a Normal Takeoff (WooHoo time to fly!)

What to do:

  • Go ahead watch the video above to understand what you can expect from this course, as well as how to best study and absorb the material presented to you here.
  • Click on the TOPICS below and complete each one by watching the associated video and reading the explanation below it.
  • When you have reviewed and studied all of the topics, take the QUIZ below and pass with at least a 90% to move onto the next LESSON.

When starting an aviation career it is not unusual to be overwhelmed, terrified, suffer from lack of confidence and be just plain scared. As experience grows, self confidence replaces fear … but after a time, when you think you have seen it all, you realize your initial reactions to flying were correct.

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