Emergency Landing

Good news!

Float planes can actually be safely landed in many more places than their land plane counterparts.  Although you may not be taking off any time soon after landing a floatplane or flying boat in a field somewhere, it can still be done safely and with minimal damage to the hull or floats.  In the next topics, we’ll cover some general techniques that apply to most seaplanes.

Below, take a look at the video that shows what guys carry for survival packs who are actually flying floatplanes on a daily basis.  There are the legal minimum requirements, and then there’s the reality of what you actually need to survive and be rescued when something has gone wrong.  You’re not just carrying this gear because the engine might quit, or because you may flip the plane one day.  You may need this gear for something as simple as landing at a remote lake and the airplane simply just won’t start back up to get you out of there.