Your Checkride

Like any other checkride, your seaplane checkride will consist of an Oral Exam and Flight Test.  Expect the oral to be under 90 minutes and the flight to around 1.0 or so on the hobbs, of course depending on how far you have to travel to get to the bodies of water you want to… Continue reading Your Checkride

Crosswinds Lesson 3

The Landing As you fly your base leg you will more than likely add your next notch of flaps (20 degrees in Cessna, 25 degrees in Piper). You may consider leaving the flaps at just 10 degrees if you find yourself already low in relationship to where you are in the traffic pattern or if… Continue reading Crosswinds Lesson 3

Crosswinds Lesson 2

The Approach The crosswind approach (in terms of doing pattern work) can be said to begin right from the moment the airplane leaves the ground and enter coordinated flight to maneuver through the traffic pattern for another landing. After takeoff and the airplane is flying coordinated, you will climb slightly off of runway heading adjusting… Continue reading Crosswinds Lesson 2

Crosswinds Lesson 1

The Takeoff The takeoff will have two key differences from a normal takeoff. One, you will need to turn the ailerons (yoke or stick) into the wind before you begin the roll to help the upwind wing from being picked up by the wind. This “crosswind correction” will slowly be taken out during the takeoff… Continue reading Crosswinds Lesson 1

Lesson 20: Test Prep Pr

Time to get your Pilot Certificate! By the time you arrive here in the course I’m sure you are ready to go and get your Pilot Certificate! Over the next few topics we will give you some quick review and prep to help you with passing the written exam, as well as preparing for the… Continue reading Lesson 20: Test Prep Pr