FOI Written Prep (beta)

FAA Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) Written

This course is designed to prepare you for the Fundamentals of Instruction FAA written exam for your Flight Instructor or Ground Instructor’s certificates.

While this course will also be a big help in getting you ready for your CFI oral exam and Checkride, the way the FAA has structured the FOI material on the written test is not exactly how the examiner will be asking you to apply the material on your Oral.  For this reason, it is important you study this material the way we present it here, and then review FOI material again when we present again later in another CFI prep course.

In simple terms, the written and the oral are two different things, study this material, pass your written, forget about it (mostly), and we’ll prep you again on FOI material the exact way you need it for your checkride later on in a separate course.

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