2019 IFR Instrument Pilot Single Course

Real World Training for Real Serious Pilots

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Want the best possible learning experience when training for your instrument rating?  Want to be GUARANTEED to PASS Your Checkride?  SignUp for this course and not only will you learn everything you need to know about instrument flying, you’ll also gain valuable insight into real-world scenarios that will keep you SAFE when flying under IFR with your new Rating.

Each Lesson is broken down into easy to understand Topics, with lots of videos and graphics to help you get a 3D picture of what you need to know as an IFR pilot.

The course also has over 20 “Case Study” examples of where other pilots have gone wrong, and explains to you why the skills you are learning are important, along with what pitfalls other pilots have fallen into so that you won’t make the same mistakes as others in your airplane!

Get Your Graduation Certificate and Written Test Endorsement!

Our Graduates have a 100% pass rate on written exams and their Checkrides!

Learn Across the Country!

Our course takes you from the Venice Airport in Venice, FL, all the way to California!  Make your way across the country as you progress through the course and learn about different airports, airspace, procedures, and approaches along the way.  Each time you pass a LESSON quiz you’ll advance your airplane a little further to the west coast.  California here we come!

fill your knowledge tank with avgas

As you complete each TOPIC, LESSON, Quiz, and finally complete the Course, you’ll earn gallons of AvGas for each step!  These gallons of gas add up quick, and you can always see where you stand compared to other users on the leaderboard!  Each month the top user will win a prize, and you can always redeem your gallons of gas for rewards in our online store!  Enroll in the course to start filling up your tank today!

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