2019 Commercial Checkride Bootcamp (ASEL) Single Course

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2018 Commercial Pilot ASEL Checkride Prep Cram Course

Welcome to cramming and prepping for your ASEL Commercial Pilot Checkride!  Expect this course to take you 5-8 hours (feel free to spend more and review the information several times).

This Checkride Prep Course Will:

  • Prepare you for the Oral Exam
  • Show you complete Commercial Pilot Oral Exams so you can see exactly what questions are asked and what to expect
  • Give you a condensed “cheat sheet” to study from to keep it all as simple as possible
  • Explain how to look up ADs and Maintenance Records to ensure you are legal to fly the plane
  • Show you how to keep up with all the latest regulations from the FAA so you can show the examiner you will always be informed and never violate a regulation.
  • Demonstrate the Maneuvers you will have to fly for your Commercial Pilot Checkride
  • Prepare you for exactly what to expect on the day of your Checkride

This course has short quizzes spaced out throughout the course to help you get an idea of exactly where you are with your commercial pilot knowledge and whether or not you need some extra review of a certain topic or not.

What you should already know coming into this course:

  • Airspace
  • Basic Regulations (medical duration, currency requirements, minimum operating equipment, etc.)
  • Basic Maneuvers and Aerodynamics

If you need a refresher on any of the above, don’t worry!  With you First Officer Membership you can Enroll in the Premium Private Pilot Ground School and click around through the topics where you feel you need the most review, and skip the topics you already feel comfortable with!  At the top of the page, Click on “Courses” and “Private Pilot Courses” to review!

To Get Started:

Click on Lesson 1 below to get started: What You Can Do, and What You Need